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Transparent loan consolidation options, and private, unsecured student loan consolidation—available to you in just three, private online steps.

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We will package all of your high-interest, high-payment debts into one, personalized payment portfolio with low-interest and one manageable payment.

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Access a wide network of resources such as worksheets, articles, podcasts, consultants, and apps that will help you increase your financial literacy. Learn to earn, spend, save, invest, borrow, and protect wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of debt consolidation?

Instead of managing several monthly bill payments that have balances that you can’t seem to pay off, you can consolidate them into one loan. By having one monthly payment with a fixed rate, you are able to simplify your situation and get closer to becoming debt free.

How are the rates Access Financial Solutions offers different from my credit cards?

Most credit card rates are variable, which means that they change over time and are mostly tied to the economy’s index rate. Every day there is interest building on your credit card accounts. You may unknowingly be paying much more due to the accumulation of usage on a daily basis.

Access Financial Solutions offers low rates with a fixed schedule. There is a clear schedule provided so you know when your debt will be paid off. You don’t have to worry about your rate changing based on the economy’s index rate and it will always remain the same until you satisfy your loan.

How is my interest rate calculated?

Interest rates are determined by your credit score, credit history, income, loan amount, and length of loan. Everyone’s credit and financial circumstances vary. Once your application is submitted, we are able to explore what solutions are available for your unique situation.

How much can I borrow?

Annual percentage rates (APRs) through Access Financial Solutions range from 5.49% APR (AA) to 29.99% APR for first-time borrowers, with the lowest rates offered to the most creditworthy borrowers. Minimum loan amount is $5,000.00. Maximum loan amount is $100,000.00. Eligibility is not guaranteed, and requires that you meet credit and other conditions.

Is collateral required for loan approval?

There is no collateral required for loan approval through Priority Plus Financial. Avoid the stress of liens against your property.

Is there a penalty for early repayment of my loan?

There are NO additional fees or costs for paying your loan off early. Early repayment will reduce the total interest paid on your loan because you only pay interest on the balance.

I am pre-approved. Does that guarantee financing?

A pre-approval offer does not guarantee loan approval. Based on the information in your credit report, you have met certain criteria in regard to your creditworthiness for this offer. Offers can be denied due to a change in your credit history, income verification, or other changes. After your application is submitted with all necessary documents, we will then be able to determine if you qualify for the loan offer.


Access Financial Solutions

Our focus at Access Financial Solutions is to provide transparent financial wellness solutions. Our loan consolidation options can help you achieve a life without debt.